Uncharted Whisky Co. - Funkytown: Cameronbridge 20 Bourbon Barrel

Uncharted Whisky Co. - Funkytown: Cameronbridge 20 Bourbon Barrel

Uncharted Whisky Co.

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Funkytown: Cameronbridge 20 Bourbon Barrel

Super funky, 20 years old and bursting with flavours of apple, custard, nutmeg, cigar box & a definite funk. Naturally served at cask strength of 62.1% 🙌

Now for something completely different... This truly is an Off-The-Grid whisky. The flavours are wild, exciting, and super funky.

This single cask of single grain whisky, distilled in the Kingdom of Fife was first filled into its bourbon barrel in 2003, which wasn’t yesterday... ⌛

It stayed in that cask every day of it’s 20 year maturation before being bottled at it’s natural cask strength of 62.1%. Ooft 🤯

Uncharted name each of their releases after a song from the greats, here's their word on why they chose Lipps Inc.'s Funkytown... "Well, it’s not because the town of Leven where this was distilled is a particularly Funky town although I’m sure it has it’s moments, but rather for the flavour. Often we talk about some single malts being funky, as in holding a flavour and mouthfeel that is hard to describe any other way. This is particularly true of Campbeltown whiskies or others with really long fermentation times. It is very unusual to see a single grain with as interesting a flavour profile as this. It is a really funky whisky.."

Distillery: Cameronbridge

Age: 20

Region: Lowlands

Maturation: Bourbon barrel

ABV: 62.1%

Bottled: Natural colour and without chill filtration

Bottle Size: 700 ml

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